Aquaguard Eterniti

Aquaguard Eterniti

Aquaguard Eterniti   Dr. Aquaguard Eterniti is a UV water purifier with advanced Firewall technology which purifies your drinking water and makes it 99.9999% bacteria-free. It protects your water against contamination from nozzle to glass. A special blue UV ray forms a protective wall around the water, preventing contamination from airborne bacteria. Its patented Hybrid Chime Carbon Block (HCCB) removes heavy metals, lead, pesticides and new age contaminants, while retaining essential minerals.

Recommended for
Water sourced from rivers & lakes, having low TDS, which does not taste salty.
Firewall Protection Guaranteed
Protects against contamination from Nozzle to Glass. A special blue UV ray forms a protective wall around the water, preventing contamination from airborne bacteria.
Point of dispense purification
The spiral quartz glass tube of Dr. Aquaguard Eterniti ensures the longest and most powerful UV dosage to give you pure, safe and healthy water always!
Intelligent Auto Fill system
Helps you get exactly the amount of water you require with options ranging from free flow to bottle or customized settings as per your requirement.
Firewall Certified and Approved
99.9999% pure according to over 5,000 physical tests by many national and international independent laboratories of repute

Purifying Technology Firewall UV Technology
Applicable TDS Range in Input Water 1- 200 mg/litre
Recommended for Municipal/Corporation/Sweet tasting water Check suitability for your water type here
Filtration / Purification Modules HD Filter Cartridge, Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartridge, Mineral Guard, Mineral Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge, Firewall UV
Installation Type Table Top, Wall Mounting
Purified Water Flow Rate* 2 litres/minute
Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm 310 x 238 x 435
Net weight 6.08 Kg
Operating/Input Voltage 230V AC/50 Hz
Power Rating/Consumption 26 Watts
Ultraviolet Lamp 11 Watts



aquaguard etemiti
This technology uses ultra violet rays to boil and purify the water. The water thus derived is safe and made free from all disease-causing micro organisms. The water treated by UV technology has all the benefits of boiling water for 20 minutes in less than a minute. Moreover it also rules out the possibility of recontamination, which always exists while cooling and handling, when boiling water manually.
First being filtration of suspended particles like dust, rust and mud up to 5 microns.
In the next stage the technology enables itself to absorb organic impurities, foul smell & taste, lead, pesticides and VOCs.
Later in the third and final stage, the ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoa including cyst and other disease-causing micro-organisms.
The entire purification process is natural and free from chemicals and also retains the natural taste of water and all essential minerals required, making the water consumable.