Bosch Solar Water Heater - One Circuit System

Bosch Solar Water Heater Thermosiphon solar systems are completely passive and without pumps and controllers in the solar circle. The systems rely on buoyancy effects to circulate heat from the collectors to a storage tank. Sunlight heats the water within the collector, which then rises up due to buoyancy into insulated storage tank above. The cold water from the bottom of the tank enters the collector to repeat the process.


1-circuit system:

Bosch Solar Water Heater has an enamel coated tank. The tank is filled with water which is circulated through the collectors. The water is heated due to the Thermosiphon technology.

This storage tank can be installed with a Non-Pressurized system and a Pressurized system.

Non-Pressurized System:

Bosch Solar Water Heater In a Non-Pressurized system water at tap is at atmospheric pressure which is around 1 bar.

Pressurized Systems:

The pressurized systems are used when the hot water at tap is required at a higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure. This pressure in controlled at 3 Bar. This variant is required in luxury bathrooms with Jacuzzi, bath tub and multiple showers.

  • Enamel coating protects the scale formation in the tank due to chlorides and salts in hard water.
  • Bosch Solar Water Heater pressurized variant gives an advantage in luxury bathrooms which are equipped with Jacuzzi, multiple showers etc.
  • Conventional energy cost saving.
  • Different system sizes offered to assure varying warm water demands.
  • Bosch Solar Water Heater 25% higher storage capacity per collector
  • High flexibility.
  • Easy installation which save time as well.
  • Bosch Solar Water Heater Aluminium body of the collector protects it from rusting due to weather change.
  • Environmentally-friendly-reduced CO2 emissions.
  • TSS system best with water of hardness <150 ppm and chlorides <50 ppm
  • Bosch Solar Water Heater Enamel tank is best with water of hardness <300 ppm and chlorides <250 ppm.