Compaq RO Purifier

It is a design varying from other, this product is featured for a family of 2-5 people and consuming 15-25 Ltrs per day. It’s a good designed to suite to any place in the kitchen, wall mount, table top or passage area.


  • Compact Designed Popular RO Water Purifier
  • Fully automatic, auto on/ auto off
  • 8 Litre capacity water storage tank with water Transparent
  • External Pre Filter for double protection and to enhance life to inline filters
  • Open able RO membrane housing that prevents scale formation
  • Can be mounted on wall or kept on counter
  • No Dry Running of water purifier when there is no water coming in the tap
  • Fitted with the best Membranes made in USA and Technology is USA
  • Built for Brackish, bore well water, tap water, contaminated water, chlorine mixed Water
  • Fit & Forget fully automatic no manual operation
  • Removes hardness of water, bacteria's, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, copper, fluoride , arsenic etc.
  • Low cost on maintenance and consumables.

  • Water Purifier (RO) a multi-step purification process that involves filtration as well as reverse osmosis.
  • The PP filter removes the floating particulates like sand, rust and visible impurities. The 5 micron sediment filter also removes the large sized visible particles from water.
  • The Pre-carbon filter eliminates chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor and floating particles. There is a Reverse Osmosis membrane which is capable of removing the heavy metals.
  • The post carbon filter eliminates objectionable taste and odor, and restores the natural quality of pure drinking water.
  • The affordable techniques of this water purifier can effectively kill a majority of bacteria’s, viruses and other harmful disease-causing microorganisms.
  • It also eliminates those impurities which are the main cause of gastric diseases, kidney stones, indigestion, high blood pressure, skin problems, etc.
  • Shakthi RO has all the features of pure,safe,Healthy drinking water for any kind of water source

No of Purification stages 5 Stages
Purification Technology RO Technology
Type of Water Purifier Storage Type
Storage Tank Capacity 8 Litre(s)
Flow Rate 10-12 Litres/ hour
Membrane Type RO Membrane
Purification Capacity 15 Ltrs P/H
Max. Duty Cycle 50-80 Ltrs Per Day
Filter Catridges Sediment filter ,Carbon Filter
Min. Inlet Water pressure 0.3 KG/cm2
Input Voltage 160-300 V AC(50HZ)
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Standard Warranty One Year on entire System