KENT Water Purifier Technology

Pure Innovation
At KENT, we ensure that every day we come up with fresh idea to make your life a little more pure.
Double Purification: RO+UV/UF
KENT holds the credit of introducing path-breaking purification technologies. It is known the world over as the pioneer of RO purifiers. While benefits RO as a process were known since 1970s. KENT gives it the shape of a usable, world-class product, KENT RO purifiers gives the purest water while retaining essential natural minerals. It is superior to purifiers that are solely UV purification by adding a RO process in addition to UV purification.

  • Retention of essential natural minerals in Purified water
  • One Distinct advantage which sets KENT RO purifiers apart from other RO purifiers is its ability to retain essential minerals in purifier water. Conventional RO water purifiers while removing dissolved impurities also remove natural minerals, that are essential for a healthy life, thus rendering purified water tasteless and inadequate for drinking.
  • As visionaries of the future and health living, KENT provides a bridge between scarcity of purity and its availability. Its revolutionary technology of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller purifies water while retaining the essential natural minerals. This technology ensures that the water becomes not only the purest, but is healthy too.

Kent Gold; Gravity based water purifiers, uses a chemical free purification technology to purify water.
Conventional gravity based water purification systems commonly available in the market, use chemicals like chlorine and bromine for purification. On the other hand, Kent Gold water purifier’s employs a tried and tested three stage purification technique, using a start of the art filters and membranes to ensure that the purified water is free of all the physical, chemical and biological impurities like protozoa, cysts and even bacteria.
The distinguishing features of Kent Gold series using UF technology are
  • Chemical free purification technique.
  • Purified water free of Cysts, Protozoa and Bacteria.
  • Does not require Electricity for purification process and no running water required either.
  • Economical operational and maintenance costs.
  • Certified by world renowned water quality Audit Agency including NSF and WQA USA.
    Flow Diagram
  • Three stage water purification
  • Acting as a first line of defense, the sediment filters remove all the physical impurities like sand, dust, mud, pollen and any other physical impurities
  • The water is then made to pass through a bed of carbon based filters which removes all the chemical impurities.
  • In third stage the water is made to pass through a UF membrane with an ultra-fine pore size of 0.1 micron. The small pores of UF membrane in Kent Gold removes bacteria and cyst.