Livpure Technology (RO+UV+UF)

Livpure offers two models of robust, tested and proven water purification technologies. One follows the traditional RO+UV purification model while the other follows a more involved RO+UV+UF system.

RO Components

Sediment Cartridge:
The sediment cartridge is the 1st in the water purification process. This filters out suspended impurities like fine sand, clay etc, from water and offers high clarity to water.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane:
This removes 99.9% of microbes (bacteria, viruses) and also microbial cysts; it also removes harmful chemical impurities, excessive dissolved salts and all suspended particles below 5 microns making the water pure, safe and crystal clear.
UF Membrane:
It has 0.004 micron pore diameter through which the required minerals are passed and controlled while Bacteria and Viruses are removed.
Activated Carbon Cartridge:
This cartridge removes all chemical impurities like chlorine, color and odour.
Post Carbon Silver Purifier:
Only the use of RO purifiers does not guarantee 100% bacteria removal. Therefore, international drinking standards makes it mandatory to have a post RO purifier as a backup in case of accidental failure of a RO system. This offers double safety to the purifier and assures safe drinking water.
UV Lamp:
UV lamp radiates UV rays which kill harmful microorganisms in water. Light radiating from a UV lamp is harmful for eyes and skin, hence, direct exposure to UV rays should be avoided.
Booster Pump:
Booster pump is used for sending pressurized water into the RO Membrane so that the Reverse Osmosis process can take place. Booster pump gives an open flow of 100 lPH and pressure of 70-80psi at the inlet of the membrane housing.