Domestic RO Products

  • Multiple purification stages
  • Get 15 litres of pure and healthy water per hour
  • UV & UF for double protection
  • Unique design to save counter space and add to the overall outlook of the interior
  • 100% pure and healthy water with essential minerals having a balanced pH
  • Intelligent LEDs for timely indication of the replacement of filter cartridges
  • Suitable for purification of Brackish, Tap & Municipal Water

Product Maxsure Neosure Super-Sink
Domestic ROs RO+UV+UF+OrpH+ (LED Indication) RO+UV+UF+OrpH+
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 445 x 280 x 548 394 x 241 x 508
Weight 11 Kg (approx.) 16 Kg (approx.)
RO Membrane 1812 – 75GPD
Flow Rate 15** litres/hr
TDS Reduction 90% (approx.)
Purification/Process Stages 8 Stages
Filters Pre-Filter, Antiscalant, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UF Sediment, Antiscalant, GAC,CTO, UF