Stella Hot & Cold RO+UV

Blue Star Stella is equipped with the industry standard 5 stage water purification process that includes a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter and a UV lamp. Even though the purification process is the same when compared to other brands, Blue Star has installed high quality filters that can remove up to 96% TDS from water, whereas other brands can remove up to 90% TDS. These filters also reduce water wastage and help in recovery of up to 33%.


  • Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Water.
  • Super Fine Sediment Filter.
  • Double Layered RO + UV Protection.
  • Ultra High TDS Removal.
  • 8.2 Large Tank Capacity.
  • Superior Water Recovery of Up to 33%.
  • Purification Capacity Of 250 Ltrs.
  • Auto Clean Function.
  • Taste Enhancer.
  • Electronic Dispensing Button.
  • Child Lock Function.
  • Touch Sensors.
  • Anti Stagnant ripple Technology.
  • Separate Hot Water Faucet.

Model Name Stella Series
Dimensions (mm) W290 x D497 x H474
Purification Technology RO + UV
Net weight (kg) 19.3kg
Water Output Hot, Cold, Ambient
Storage Capacity of Tank (ltrs) Hot 0.57 L, Cold 3.0 L, Ambient 4.6 L
Installation Mode Table Top
Stages of Filtration Sediment Filter,
Pre-Carbon Filter,
RO Membrane,
UV Lamp,
Post-Carbon Filter.