V Guard SSAL Commercial Solar Water Heater

V Guard Solar Water Heater SSAL Commercial Series of Solar Water Heaters is a revolutionary product line from V-Guard - the brand that has always given the best in quality, technology, performance and service. The most advanced in Solar Water Heaters, V-Guard Solar Water Heaters are made from high-quality components and come with international technology. The Evacuated Tube Collector System facilitates high-efficiency absorption and utilisation of solar energy, with minimum heat loss. V-Guard SSAL Commercial Series Solar Water Heater saves a substantial amount on electricity bills and other fuels, making it a worthy investment for a lifetime.


  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Negligible scaling of tube
  • Storage tank is made of food Grade SS304L with Aluminium Stucco cladding. High quality PUF insulation minimizes the heat loss of water inside the tank
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days
  • Compact size, low height, lightweight. Easy to install and transport
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Huge saving on electricity and fuel charges
  • Type of Thermal Insulation - Polyurethane Foam (PUF)
  • Absorber coating - AlN-SS-Cu coating
  • Inner tank material - Stainless steel 304-L Grade
  • Stand Parts Material - Mild Steel with Black Powder Coating
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater High quality vacuum tubes to minimize heat loss
  • Fitted with Sacrificial Anode
  • Greater absorption area, auto sun tracking due to circular shape of vacuum tubes
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater ISI Electric backup heater (optional to the customer)
  • Advanced technology at competitive rate
  • Operating Pressure - Max 4 kg/cm2 is for Pressurized system .For Non Pressurized system - Operating pressure is Max 0.4 Kg/cm2
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Absorber - Evacuated Glass Tube with absorber
  • Outer shell material - Aluminium Stucco sheet
  • Backup Heater Connector - 1ΒΌ
  • Available capacities: Non Pressurized models: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc. Pressurized Models: 500,1000LPD

Capacity in Litres per day 500 LPD -PR
Utility Points (max.) 8
Number of Persons using hot water 14 to 15
Number of Evacuated glass tubes 44
Inlet/Outlet pipe size of storage tank 2.54 cm (1")
Size of Evacuated tubes 58 x 1800 mm