V Guard V Hot Solar Water Heater

V Guard Solar Water Heater warm embrace Ensure hot water for all seasons with V-Hot Series of Solar Water Heaters from V-Guard. This wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricity bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications - from homes, hotels to commercial applications. V-Guard V-Hot Series Solar Water Heaters come with an evacuated tube collector system that enables an optimal utilisation of solar energy. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss. The V-Guard V-Hot Series Solar Water heaters dramatically reduce your electricity bills, help conserve energy and are environment friendly.


  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Huge saving on electricity
  • Storage tank is made of food Grade SS304L with Aluminium Stucco cladding. High quality PUF insulation minimizes the heat loss of water inside the tank
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater High quality vacuum tubes
  • Huge saving on electricity and fuel charges
  • Type of Thermal Insulation - Polyurethane Foam (PUF)
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Absorber coating - AlN-SS-Cu coating
  • Inner tank Material- Stainless steel 304-L
  • Backup Heater Connector - 1ΒΌ
  • Available Capacities - 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 LPD
  • Compact size, low height & lightweight
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Fitted with Sacrificial Anode
  • Greater absorption area, auto sun tracking due to circular shape of vacuum tubes
  • ISI Electric backup heater (optional to the customer)
  • Advanced technology at competitive rate
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Operating Pressure - Max .4 kg/cm2
  • Evacuated Glass Tube with absorber coating.
  • Outer shell Material- Aluminium Stucco Sheet
  • V Guard Solar Water Heater Input / output connections - 3/4
  • Stand Parts Material- Mild Steel with Black Powder Coating

Capacity in Litres per day 300 LPD
Utility Points (max.) 5
Number of Persons using hot water 8 to 9
Number of Evacuated glass tubes 29
Inlet/Outlet pipe size of storage tank 2.54 cm (1")
Size of Evacuated tubes 58 x 1800 mm