Aquaguard Geneus Plus

Aquaguard Geneus Plus

Aquaguard Geneus+   Dr. Aquaguard Geneus+ is a Universal water purifier which is equipped with RO+ UV+ UF technology. It automatically identifies the source of water (municipal, borewell or tanker) and accordingly chooses the correct purification technology to give you water which is not only free from physical, chemical & microbiological contaminants but also has the right TDS balance. Its unique Auto Mineral Modulator allows you to set the taste of water as per your preference. The advanced Mineral Cartridge™ and Biotron Cartridge™ ensures that the essential minerals necessary for your family's health are retained giving you not just shudh, healthy water.

Recommended for
Water from many sources – municipal, borewells, tankers.
It magnetizes water and de-clusters water molecules to make the water more "bio-available" by unlocking the nutrients in water, promising you the healthiest water.
Mineral Cartridge
Enhances the taste of the water by removing residual dissolved harmful gases like VOCs and increases the level of Calcium and Magnesium minerals inthe water and balances pH of the water making it healthy.
Auto Mineral Modulator
A technology unique to Geneus +, allowing you to choose the taste of water while maintaining a healthy balance of natural minerals.
Senses the quality of water and chooses the optimum purification technology RO+UV/UV+UF to purify water.
The advanced brain of Geneus + is designed to give you a warning when the purification system requires maintenance or the cartridges need to be replaced .
Reserve Mode
You now have the power to extend the service life of purification cartridges of your Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + by an additional 20 hours, by just the press of a switch.
RO technology
Unique RO technology membrane removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water.
Intelligence e- Boiling
Ensures that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes.
Health in each drop
It not only provides you great tasting water but also helps improve bodily functions and comfort levels.
UF+ technology
Equipped with revolutionary UF technology (a capillary tube based technology) that gives you pure and crystal clear water.
Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer
Prevents the accumulation of dissolved salts like Calcium and magnesium on the membrane. This enhances the service life of the membrane and improves water flow.
LED display
Helps to get the desired taste, informs the water level in the tank, filter life status and fault indicator.
Water Level Sensor
Indicates the level of purified water in your tank and makes sure that you always have safe drinking water available, all the time.

Purifying Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) & Ultra Filtration (UF)
Applicable TDS Range in Input Water 1- 200 mg/litre
Recommended for Universal Check suitability for your water type here
Filtration / Purification Modules HD Filter Cartridge, Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartridge, EMLE, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UF Cartridge, Ultra Violet Treatment, Mineral Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge
Installation Type Table Top, Wall Mounting
Purified Water Flow Rate* 15 litre/hour
Storage Tank 7 Litres
TDS Reduction 90% (approx) in RO Mode
% Water Recovery 25% (approx) in RO Mode
Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm 367 x 314 x 567
Net weight 11.8 Kg
Operating/Input Voltage 230V AC/50 Hz
Power Rating/Consumption 45 Watts
Ultraviolet Lamp 11 Watts



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Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of Osmosis. In water Purification system, Reverse Osmosis is used to separate the salts and other heavy metals from water.
In hard water, there exists problem of excess Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), in addition to physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants. These dissolved salts are found in exceedingly high levels than permissible drinking water limits, which is 500mg per litre. The TDS contents vary from calcium, magnesium, arsenic, iron, mercury, lead, fluoride and nitrates, whose excess can lead to harmful impacts and ailments to various body functions and parts.

To effectively reduce the hardness/TDS from water supplied in your locality, the technology that would suit you best is RO. Here’s what it does to your water to make it potable:It reduces the high levels of TDS to the permissible drinking water limits.It makes water free from physical, chemical and disease causing microbial contaminants.And it improves the taste of water making it sweet.

The RO technology uses Reverse Osmosis for water purification, where in water is passed at a high pressure through a thin film composite membrane which reduces the dissolved salts and removes chemical and biological impurities. It also removes all disease-causing micro-organisms and gives you pure and sweet tasting water, so that you and your family stay healthy.
This technology uses ultra violet rays to boil and purify the water. The water thus derived is safe and made free from all disease-causing micro organisms. The water treated by UV technology has all the benefits of boiling water for 20 minutes in less than a minute. Moreover it also rules out the possibility of recontamination, which always exists while cooling and handling, when boiling water manually.

UV technology treats water in 3 stages.First being filtration of suspended particles like dust, rust and mud up to 5 microns.In the next stage the technology enables itself to absorb organic impurities, foul smell & taste, lead, pesticides and VOCs.

Later in the third and final stage, the ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoa including cyst and other disease-causing micro-organisms.The entire purification process is natural and free from chemicals and also retains the natural taste of water and all essential minerals required, making the water consumable.