Zero B Water Softeners for Home and Bathroom

Water softeners are ion exchange systems that effectively remove calcium, magnesium, and other hard substances from the water. Commonly, water softeners are used to treat the hardness issues of water for both home and commercial applications.

Here are some common reasons to invest in a water softener for the home:

  • To Increase the Lifespan of Your Plumbing Equipment
  • Reduce Detergent Costs
  • Promotes Health
  • Save Your Clothes During the Wash
  • Reduces Appliance Corrosion and Scale

Zero B Home & Bathroom Softners

  bathroom softner mini soft
Product Zero B Bathroom Softener ZeroB Mini SOFT

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Zero B Auto Softners

  autosoft a1 autosoft a2 autosoft a6
Product ZeroB AS1 - 1000LPH ZeroB AS2 – 2000LPH ZeroB AS3 – 3000LPH

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