KENT Mineral RO


Kent has invented a new technology called the Mineral RO™ Technology. This patented technology has all the benefits of the RO technology, while eliminating its limitations. Kent’s patented Mineral RO™ Technology uses an innovative TDS (total dissolved solids) control valve which allows the user to control the amount of essential natural minerals present in drinking water. It ensures that the RO purified water does not have a bitter taste and the pHis maintained around 7. It also enables the user to adjust the amount of TDS in purified water according to one’s taste. more..

Wall Mountable-1

kent_superb kent_pearl kent_prime_tc kent_super_star kent_Wonder_Plus
Suprerb Pearl Prime TC Super Star Wonder Plus

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Wall Mountable-2

Wounder Ace Ace+ Pristine

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Wall Mountable-3

Grand Grand + Supreme Super + Pride

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Under The Counter RO

kent_excell_plus kent_Gem kent_elite kent_elite_2 kent_sterling
Excell + Gem Elite Elite II Sterling

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Inbuilt RO Water Purifier With Chiller


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UV Water Purifier

kent_maxx kent_ultra kent_ultra_storage
Maxx Ultra Ultra Storage

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Gravity Based UF Water Purifier-1

kent_gold kent_gold_plus kent_gold_optima kent_gold_star kent_smart
Gold Gold + Gold Optima Gold Star Smart

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Gravity Based UF Water Purifier -2

kent_gold_cool kent_crystal kent_inline_gold kent_gold_as
Gold Cool Crystal Inline Gold Gold As

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