After an exhausting day, it feels uncomfortable to take a cold shower in the chilling temperature. As the winter sets in, a hot shower is the best remedy to relieve your stress and regain your strength. V-Guard brings you the most advanced solar water heaters, the WIN-HOT ECO PRO series. The V-Guard WIN-HOT ECO PRO series collect energy directly from the sun and convert it into usable heat, this means lower energy costs and free hot water for your home.

The exceptional features of the V-Guard WIN-HOT ECO PRO series consist of an inner tank made of premium-grade steel (SS 304 L) that ensures a long-lasting life, it also comes with a high-quality PUF insulation that minimizes heat loss of stored water. The sleek, smart & strong powder coating of the G.I Roll form stand adds durability and helps them to withstand damages better and last longer. The 3-layered borosilicate tube of the V-Guard WIN-HOT ECO PRO series ensures maximum heat absorption, as a result, it brings you hot water for a long time. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to install or transport from one place to another.

V-Guard WIN-HOT ECO PRO series is designed to withstand a pressure of up to 0.4 kg/cm², the WIN-HOT ECO PRO series is an advanced technology offered to you at a competitive rate. The V-Guard WIN-HOT ECO PRO series water heaters are eco-friendly and guarantee you trouble-free service for years together. This way, you can enjoy a hot shower during the cold weather without worrying about energy costs.



  • Inner tank made from premium grade stainless steel ( SS 304 L) ensures a long-lasting life
  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  • Compact size and lightweight, easy to install and transport
  • 3 layered borosilicate tubes for maximum heat absorption
  • Saves power and money
  • High-quality PUF insulation to minimize heat loss of stored water
  • Operating Pressure - Max 0.4 kg/cm2
  • A Product from ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company
  • Advanced technology at a competitive rate
  • 5 years warranty **Terms and conditions apply

Tank Capacity 100 LPD - 200 LPD
Inner Tank Material SS 304-L
Outer Body Material PPGI
Size of the Evacuated Tube ᵩ 5.8 X 210 cm