Hard water is a major problem faced by millions of people across the country. It contributes to scale formation in water heaters, minimising the heat conductivity of heater leading to its failure. Being a customer-centric brand, V-Guard has incorporated certain measures to combat corrosion. So that you can enjoy a refreshing hot shower even in hard water areas with WIN-HOT PLUS H series, a revolutionary solar water heater from the house of V-Guard. Available in 6 variant capacities to suit your needs, this fascinating water heater is the perfect solution to all your hot water needs. Thoughtfully designed to last a lifetime, this model eases your daily routine. Made from high-quality components leveraging international technology, the WIN-HOT PLUS H series water heaters are eco-friendly, helping you cut down the carbon footprints and save a substantial amount on electricity bills and other fuels, making it a worthy investment. They can be easily transported and installed due to their compact size. The PUF insulation ensures better heat retention by preventing heat loss and the three-layered borosilicate tubes ensure maximum heat absorption. Vacuum tubes, being in circular shape tracks the Sun automatically, thanks to its greater absorption area. Fitted with a sacrificial anode prevents corrosion and scaling of tubes, leading to enhanced tank life. The WIN-HOT PLUS H series water heaters delivers efficient performance in winters and partially cloudy days. The assurance of a great service backup from V-Guard makes the buying decision easier than ever before!



  • 3 layered borosilicate tubes for maximum heat absorption
  • Efficient performance in winters and partially cloudy days
  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  • ISI Electric back up heater (optional to the customer)
  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  • GI inner tank with pre-coated GI outer cladding
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days
  • Easy to install and transport
  • Huge saving on electricity and fuel charges
  • *Available only in Selected States
  • Hassle free V-Guard service across the country
  • Sacrificial Anodic Corrosion protection for long life
  • A Product from ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company
  • Negligible scaling of tube
  • Auto sun tracking due to circular shape of vacuum tubes
  • Compact size, low height, light weight
  • Advanced technology at competitive rate
  • Low cold water - Hot water mixing.